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My Story ... (continue)

The challange

Looking back, I believe I have been, to certain extent, a visionary, My positive thinking and “anything can be done” attitude have provided me with the ability to steer ahead of others in future trends. “Being not afraid of going beyond my comfort zone” is another valuable asset that I have.

Two years ago, I was faced with another challenge of my life. Impressed by the research, the visionary thinking and the work done by Dr. Myron Wentz (the founder of Gull Laboratories, USANA and the winner of the latest Albert Einstein award for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences), I decided to take an early retirement from my teaching career and to devote my energy to promoting optimal health.

After leaving Monash University, I have had a great deal of time to reflect on what I have been doing. To my surprise, I realised that my dream of helping the next generation is in fact turning them into slaves for the large corporations. They were taught how to serve large organizations but are not taught the skills to be their own bosses. They are told that University graduates can get a “well paid” and secure job. A job with “well paid”. Yes! But a job that provides a comfort zone so comfortable that despite all the long working hours and stress, they still stay in their “painful job”! I believe there is better way to live life than a job with working environment that you are not happy with!

I hope you can find something useful, particularly in the myUSANA.com.au site, to change your life in terms of
Good Health and True Wealth. I also sincerely hope that you can be part of my team, and with our help, you may be able to make your own dream a reality.